Convert vinyl fence panel into gate

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Convert vinyl fence panel into gate

A chain-link fence may be utilitarian, but it isn't the classiest type of fence. It can be converted to a wood fence, however. One of the advantages of chain-link fence posts is that they are sturdy, and you can take advantage of that characteristic by reusing the posts for your wood fence.

Doing so will save considerable work because the posts would be difficult to remove if they are set in concrete. You won't need any of the fence's chain-link mesh.

convert vinyl fence panel into gate

So it's best to remove it and recycle it as metal waste. The removal process isn't difficult, but you may find it tedious because it involves unscrewing all the brackets from the posts and rails with a wrench; you can save time and effort by using a ratcheting socket wrench. If the metal rails are in good shape and you want to save money on wood, then you can attach fence boards to them.

If you're interested in a complete conversion to a wood fence except for the metal posts, then remove the metal rails as well, leaving only the posts in place.

Dropping a plumb bob from each hole you drill in the top rail to mark the corresponding hole in the bottom helps ensure symmetry, although the boards can be leveled even if the holes are slightly askew. Camouflaging the metal posts completely requires removing the rails by unscrewing the nuts holding them in place.

Without the rails to support the posts, you may find that some of the posts aren't as solid as you thought they were. If so, it's better not to use them because a wood fence catches the wind and will exert more force against the posts than the chain-link fence did. It's difficult to reinforce posts that are already set in concrete.

Removing the loose posts and replacing them with new metal or wood posts is probably necessary. The not-so-secret ingredient that allows you to connect wood railing to metal posts is a U-shaped conversion bracket that fits around the posts. It has flat wings with holes for simple connection to wood. After screwing a conversion bracket to the top and bottom of each post and screwing wood railings to pairs of brackets, you can proceed with the rest of the project as if you were constructing a wood fence.

The posts are automatically hidden on the front of the fence when you install slats over them, but they are visible from the back until you construct a box around each one, using the same lumber you use for the slats. Chris Deziel has a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in humanities. Besides having an abiding interest in popular science, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since As a landscape builder, he helped establish two gardening companies.

By Chris Deziel. Out with the Old You won't need any of the fence's chain-link mesh. Down to the Basics Camouflaging the metal posts completely requires removing the rails by unscrewing the nuts holding them in place. In with the New The not-so-secret ingredient that allows you to connect wood railing to metal posts is a U-shaped conversion bracket that fits around the posts. Photo Credits. About the Author.Learn how to install vinyl fencing, learn about different fencing styles and learn how to Change.

Please enter a street address, city and state, or ZIP code. Gate is the door that provides entry into and out of a fenced area. This is part 2 which shows you how to install the vinyl panels. Gates should always sing into the adjacent fence, not into the open area. All our. Lowe's vinyl privacy fence is very similar to that of Home Depot in both price and quality They use 3 rails instead of two because the material of the panel itself is very thin requiring the additional support.

Chalking White residue visible on the surface of a vinyl fence as it weathers. Some manufacturers require that posts for fences 6 ft. Seven Trust. Contact Talk to us for more assistance Install a Vinyl Fence Lowe's Learn how to install vinyl fencing, learn about different fencing styles and learn how to Change. All our Get-Prices. Compare Home Depot and Lowes Vinyl Privacy Fence avinylfence Lowe's vinyl privacy fence is very similar to that of Home Depot in both price and quality They use 3 rails instead of two because the material of the panel itself is very thin requiring the additional support.While you're free to make the gate as large or as small as you like, most single gates measure 4 to 5 feet wide.

A shorter gate will provide a limited opening for you to get lawn equipment and other objects into your yard. However, the wider you make a gate, the more likely it becomes that the gate will sag and begin to drag on the ground. A prefabricated gate can be one of the most expensive parts of your wood fence. Fortunately, you can use an extra fence panel to build your own custom gate for a fraction of the cost.

Wood fence is easy to cut and alter, so creating a gate out of the fence is actually fairly simple. With the right tools and a little know-how, you can transform an ordinary panel of fence into a fully functional gate.

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Determine how wide your gate needs to be. If you have an opening in your fence for the gate, use a tape measure to measure across the opening from post to post. The width of your gate will need to be about an inch less than the measurement of the opening.

Determine the proper width for your gate and mark the measurement on the rails of your fence panel. Use a circular saw to cut the fence panel to size. Cut between the vertical pickets of your panel--do not cut through them. Only the horizontal rails of the fence need to be cut. Guide your saw between the pickets to cut through each of the rails.

Take another wood rail, preferably one that matches the rails on your panel, and lay it diagonally across your gate. It should extend from the bottom right of your lowest rail to the top left of your highest rail.

convert vinyl fence panel into gate

Cut the new rail to length if needed, then attach it to the rails of your gate. Use a power drill and wood screws to secure the rail to the fence. Drive screws through the rail into each of your gate's rails. This will provide a bracing for your gate to keep it from sagging.

Screw a set of hinges into the face of your gate. Your top hinge should attach through the top rail of your gate, and your bottom hinge should attach through the bottom rail.

Have someone help you lift the gate and hold it in the opening of your fence. Hold the gate an inch or two off of the ground and attach the hinges to your fence post. Screw the hinges securely to the post as someone helps you to hold it flush against the post. Attach the latch to finish your gate.

convert vinyl fence panel into gate

Latches are separated into two parts: a simple latch piece and a catching mechanism. First, screw the catching mechanism to the post opposite from the hinged post. Next, hold the latch piece against your gate and line it up with the catching mechanism.So I have been asked if I would take some old wood fencing and turn it into a gate to The fencing is six foot tall Use the additional screws to install the panels back onto the fence in the original My fence has an 10 ft opening with two Yahoo Answers Best Answer: go to the lowes page that you linked to, and go to the top right corner.

Type in "vinyl fence gate", and hit enter. You'll see several options Large fences, such as 6- or 8-foot fences need three stronger hinges.

How to install vinyl fencing - layout and post installation

How to Convert a Chain-Link Fence to Can I install a wood fence using the posts from an existing Gate Operators Vinyl Fence I have a 4 foot high chain link fence that I would like to convert to a 6 foot high Ameristars AdaptTrack sliding gate conversion kit turns any gate or fence panel into a fully enclosed cantilever sliding gate.

Professional Grade Vinyl Fence Gate Kit for 6 ft. Linden Pro privacy panels is used to turn your Steel gate kits for 6 to 16 feet wide gate Home Depot - Somerset 6 ft. Privacy Vinyl Fence Panel Privacy Vinyl Fence Panel.

Vinyl Privacy Fences, 4, 5, 6 ft High.Our neighbor is giving us a 5 panels of 4ft x 8ft vinyl fence panels and several posts. So, we are making a 4ft tall fence around our garden. Is it possible to use a panel to build a door? If so, what's a good plan of action? Type in "vinyl fence gate", and hit enter. You'll see several options.

You could probably cobble together a gate or door out of the material you have, and add some wood, hinges, latch mechanism, etc.

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But if you're asking if this can be done, and how to do it, my guess is that you don't have much experience doing this. You can spend a few dollars and probably get a gate that matches, or at least the hardware to build one that matches, and probably be a lot happier with the results. Each and every one of the thousands woodworking plans and projects which are available are so well written so that even if you've never tried Woodworking before, or if you have 2 left hands, you would find woodworking a breeze.

It's perfect if you are just starting out or if you're a seasoned carpenter. It has almost You have step-by-step instructions with photos and high quality blueprints and schematics. If you are a beginner this is the easiest way to start your woodworking projects, and if you already have experience you can anyway find a lot of interesting ideas! The fence belongs to your neighbor, you need to set your end post solidly in the ground to prevent damage to your neighbors fence.

You do not need to build a fence next to the neighbors. You can use there fence as long as you don't damage it. Then get some hinges screw them in and you can go all cheap and use some wire or twine to close it. Trending News. Photo of Ted Cruz on a plane with no mask goes viral. Hosting shakeup on 'Dancing With the Stars'.

How to Convert a Chainlink Fence to a Wood Fence

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Asked on Feb 16, Converting a wood fence to vinyl. Is it possible to use the wood posts from a wooden fence to cover with the white vinyl posts when putting up vinyl fencing. It seems that by having to remove the wood posts and just putting the vinyl over the wood would substantially reduce the amount of labor involved.

Pro Series Hudson Vinyl Fence Gate Conversion Kit

Landsharkinnc on Feb 16, Nancy Turner on Feb 17, Since you already have the posts in place, and in good shape where they don't need to be replaced, perhaps you can replace the fence yourself. It would save you a lot if you don't have to pay someone else to do what you may be able to do yourself.

You could do part at a time even, since all you have to do is cover the main posts. Ryan on Feb 17, Yes they make vinyl sleeves and composite sleeves, check out you local fence or deck store for ideas.

There a many types of overlays that can hide wood post. JoAnne on Feb 18, It seems to me you're going to create problems by cutting corners.

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Wood rots so at some point down the line you'll have to replace them. Ours was hollow posts with cut-outs in the bottom and filled with concrete.

So maybe you can put your posts in and have the fencing installed. William on Feb 18, Most vinyl fences require a wood post for support.

convert vinyl fence panel into gate

As long as they are sound and not rotting use them. The sleeves have cutouts roe the top and bottom rails and whatever goes in between. Carla on Feb 19, I'm not sure why you want to do vinyl.A fence panel beside your lawn can make your place look more beautiful than ever.

But making a well-designed gate for that fence can cost you a lot. Instead, you can use an extra part of your wood fence panel to create your gate, which can cost you a minimal amount. Making a gate out of fence panel does not require any expertise. It is easy and needs only a few tools to execute. And for that, you just need only a few things and tips to follow. The following section will guide you to build your own gate out of a fence panel. Always keep in your mind that the gate you want to make will be 1 inch smaller in diameter than the actual opening.

This gap is kept for the movement and fittings of the gate.

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Mark the place on your fence, where you want your gate to be. Cut the fence where you want your gate to be. Cut it out using a circular saw. Remember to cut only the horizontal plates of the panel. Cutting the verticle panel will ruin the finishing of your fence. Use your saw in between the vertical pallets to make a smooth cut.

Take two more wood plates matching with your fence and attach those diagonally to the fence panel. The wood plates should be nailed or screwed to the fence. The nailing on the wood plates will make your fence gate stronger.

You can also use a drill and screws to attach them. This way, the fence panels get an extra boost up and stands stronger. The diagonal plates will make bracing on your fence gate, and it will stop the fence panel from falling apart. Get a few hinges of the right size that can hold up your fence panel gate. Now attach a hinge to the top of your fence panels horizontal plate.

Ask that person to hold the gate steady, when you attach the other part of the hinge to the top horizontal plate of the gate. Attach two more hooks accordingly going to the bottom wood plate. These hinges will hold the gate strong for your fence. Now that you have installed the gate to the fence of your house lawn, all you need is to attach a latch to it. Connecting a latch to your gate of the lawn gives you a safe entrance.

To do so, get a latch for your gate first. The latch comes in two pieces. One part is to be placed on the fence, and the other part is to be placed on the gate. As the fence panel gate gives you a smooth entry to your lawn while making it more beautiful, it also needs some extra care. You need to color that off properly to maintain longevity and strength. Besides, the fence you are making is a cost-effective solution for you. It is very easy to make, but as you have cut the fence to make an entrance, it loses some strength too.

So, it is better to plan the fence panel gate at the very first while you install your fence. It will give you a more strong fence for your lawn. The fence panel gates can be made out in many other ways and from many other materials than wood. The information given below will help you to understand those things if you have a different material fence or want to make a double fence gate.

The vinyl fence is more resilient than the wood fence panels.

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